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Abstracts All prices reduced in this gallery

Animal art impressionism
Figurative art
Large scale paintings

Mechanism was my first abstract triptych, It was my break through painting in late 2017, it's foiled and has touches of gold leaf, the acrylic paint is textured in places. Close ups can be supplied to help get a better idea of the paintings detail.

The centre canvas is 60 x 46cm (24"x18")

The two side canvases are 46 x 35cm (18" x 14") price £200(+p&p)

Drifting, this came to life in June 2018 I wanted to do a textured piece but keep it simple, I rarely work from a plan so this just happened as they often do. It started to evolve once I'd started to layer paint on I could see islands so emphasized their shape with a little blending using Paynes grey.

sculpture paste & acrylic paint on 100 x 30 cm Canvas £120+p&p

Rhythm & Hues, this was a project that nearly defeated me, twice. As of now January 2019 it is the largest canvas I've completed. There are layer upon layer of Magenta, phthalo Blue/Green, Ultramarine the list goes on. There are ridges of texture partly made of gesso and the layers of paint.

A variety of tools were used including pallet knives and a catalyst wedge. To really bring out the colours I used a gloss varnish which offers UV protection. Canvas 60 x 76 cm £200 +p&p


My artists journey will never be over just continually evolving this one seemed to pop out of nowhere and a new love affair with greens has started!

76 x 60cm Canvas £250 +p&p

I struggled to name this painting eventually settling for 'Go for it', I thought as I suspect many have over time that creating a Jackson Pollock inspired painting would be, well not too difficult. How wrong I was! this is minute at 76 x 50 cm to compared to the great mans masterpieces of 7m x 2.5m. It took me 6 weeks, balancing the colours making sure they were evenly spread and that one colour didn't outshine another. I learned so much from this (apart from the backache) as the light changes over the day so do the colours, The photograph was taken with the aid of lights so the colours look quite even but on the wall during different times of the day different colours stand out, mornings the blues, midday the green/yellows later the golds & bronzes. In a different room & position, it changes again. Fluid acrylics on a 76 x 50 cm Canvas £150 + p&p

Multimedia art work

Framed paintings on paper