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Love is...Love

This is my first multi-figure painting, I'm not sure what possessed me to tackle 6 figures, I always give myself a challenge with my figurative work normally using different mediums or processes, this was a huge challenge! It went through many phases and layers starting with collage, then many layers of paint, the layers have created the texture. 
Acrylic on an 84x59cm cradled panel
£230 free post, UK only
Payment via PayPal email


when I'm pulled to paint a figure I like to challenge myself using a different process or medium.

This time I chose to paint without brushes and only two colours, Prussian blue and a few touches of Titanium white. I added a lot of water and medium to the paint and used a catalyst wedge and tilted the canvas to push and pull the paint where I wanted it, letting it pool in areas to create the dark tones. It was fun at times trying to control the very liquid paint as of course it tends to run where it wants, but that's what I love, the challenge.

Acrylic on a 61x45.5cm canvas

£170 +p&p payment via PayPal email

(sorry UK only international post is so expensive)

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