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On The Easel

As I work on each new painting I'll be posting pictures of it's progress and descriptions of the techniques I've learned, influences and inspiration.

I don't always have two canvas paintings on the go, the one on the left is a large canvas 30" x 24", physically I find it demanding so I do it in short bursts, as I'm addicted to painting I like to do something else in between, sometimes that's watching tutorials on YouTube or learning via an online course. Currently I'm doing the Abstractify course by Tara Lever of www.taralever.com she's a great teacher and her courses are great, relaxed no rush and lots of help and support via a private Facebook group. 

I do small intuitive pieces on paper which can be found on the Intuitive abstracts tab, when I paint I relax and pain and anxiety gets pushed to the back of my mind, I recommend art therapy to anyone, the craze in colouring books is a great place to start or just doodles that where I started.

This time I decided to start on another painting for my farm series, a Barn Owl painting I've never painted a bird before so it will keep me busy, I expect it will have a few coats of gesso along the way< and possibly become something else entirely but that's ok, it's fun never stressful.