About me and my art journey

Hello, my name is Lou Whittingham, I live in Shropshire I'm very lucky to have the most wonderful countryside around me to inspire me with my work.

I started drawing seriously for the first time since childhood in 2009 when my disabilities really took hold and started to change my life, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and a little later with cervical spondylitis. I needed an outlet something to do to fill the gaps of things I used to do. Slowly the ability to draw in fine detail also started to fade, as did other things I enjoyed but not to be deterred I decided to follow in my father and grandfathers footsteps and pick up the paintbrush.


My late father was one of the other driving factors behind my art, I wanted to do what he never would and put my art on show. He was a brilliant artist but suffered terribly from that inner critic and never thought his work was good enough. Pieces of my work are now on show in Shrewbury Three small rooms Emporium 10 New Street SY3 8JN off Frankwell Island Shrewsbury

My style is mostly Abstract but I'm always learning new techniques some that lend themselves to more lifelike work I've also taken up sculpture and making my own paper(in the summer). It not only fills my time but allows me to relax and forget everything associated with my disabilities. Art is a wonderful therapeutic past time.

My artist influences from the past Turner Monet & Wassily Kandinsky and current artists Tara Leaver www.taraleaver.com Pete Monaghan www.petemonaghan.com RenateMigas http://www.renatemigas.de Dan Tirels www.dantirels.co.uk


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